Education Planning Calculators

As the costs of education continues to rise, it is more important than ever for clients to consider planning for these costs early. FreshPlan education planning calculators estimate the future costs of education, illustrates saving tools and grants, and offers scenarios if RESPs are unused.

Education Planning Calculators include:

  • Saving for Education Now
  • RESP Tax Benefits
  • RESP Withdrawal
  • CESG Advantage
  • and more

Investment Draw Down
Illustrate growth, and draw down investments in four categories including: Non-Registered, TFSA, RRSP and Money Purchase Plan.

Supporting Tables
In addition to the Accumulation and Distribution tables, drill down to up to twenty supporting tables to illustrate details of investment growth and withdrawals. Each table can be included in the Retirement Report, depending on your needs.


Create Templates
Creating Templates give you a quick-start of the calculators you use most in given situations to create financial reports.

Modular Financial Planning
Use only the calculations relevant to each clients’ situation. FreshPlan is powerful enough to complete a full financial plan in 30 minutes and flexible enough for single needs analysis when a full plan is not needed.

Client-Friendly Reporting
Integrate any number of calculators with financial infographics to create visual, personalized reports that client will understand. All reports are personalized with advisor name, logo and contact information.

Calculate. Educate. Plan.

Easily calculate, explain and reinforce complex financial concepts.
FreshPlan combines 75 calculators with a growing number of powerful financial infographics to provide advisors with a visual, easy-to-use, time saving planning and education tool. FreshPlan calculators are easy-to-use and fully responsive on any device – phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.