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FreshPlan Financial Planner Software

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Financial Planner Software
FreshPlan software is designed to support Canadian financial professionals and insurance advisors by providing convenient tools to help them analyze, explain and offer historical context to reinforce recommendations to clients and prospects.

Compliant Planning
Ensure financial planning engagement with clients is consistent whether planning from home or in the office with visual, easy-to-use modules.

Powerful and Intuitive
Operating on the premise that financial professionals shouldn’t have to be technology experts, FreshPlan financial planner software is both powerful and intuitive so Advisors can spend less time learning software and more time with their clients.







Consistent Planning Experience

FreshPlan financial planner software allows financial professionals to quickly engage clients with a variety of integrated, goals-based planning modules and visual infographics. So easy to use it allows advisors to complete a full financial plan in 30 minutes and flexible enough for single needs analysis when a full plan is not needed.

Modules follow the six key areas of financial planning:

Cash Flow Calculator

Financial Management
Understanding a client’s current financial situation is the foundation where holistic financial planning begins. Each financial plan must include an accurate understanding of income and expenses today and look toward the goals of the future.

Financial Management modules include:

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Savings Growth Calculator

Investment Planning
FreshPlan investment planning modules are part of a comprehensive financial plan mapping out investing strategies to help clients meet their long and short term goals. Advisors are able to build customized recommendations according to their clients unique needs and comfort level with risk.

Financial Management modules include:

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Retirement Planning Software

Retirement Planning
FreshPlan robust retirement modules allow Advisors to walk their clients through various scenarios to help them plan and save for the future. Powerful calculators taking into consideration income needs, investments, income in retirement and illustrates results visually with the ability to drill down into accumulation and distribution tables.

Retirement Planning modules include:

  • Retirement Calculator
  • Retirement Projection
  • Will the Money Last?
  • TFSAs & RRSPs
  • Retirement Infographics
  • and more
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Taxation Calculator

Tax Planning
Tax considerations are addressed in relation to holistic financial planning.

Tax Planning modules include:

  • Income Tax Estimator
  • RRSP Tax Savings
  • TFSA vs Taxable Income
  • Final Tax Bite
  • Tax Infographics
  • and more
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Insurance Planning Calculators

Insurance Planning
FreshPlan streamlines insurance recommendations providing easy-to-understand results for life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance. Each insurance modules walks the advisor through each step of analysis for client needs, so these important conversations are fully transparent. 

Estate Planning
The easy-to-use needs-assessment tool reveals areas where clients may need further protection for themselves and their family. FreshPlan estate planning modules help to get these important conversations started.

Insurance & Estate modules include:

  • Life Insurance Needs Calculator
  • Disability Insurance Needs Calculator
  • Critical Illness Insurance Needs Calculator
  • Estate Planning Checklist
  • Will the Money Last?
  • Probate Fee Estimator
  • Insurance & Estate Planning Infographics
  • and more
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Education Planning Calculator

Education Planning
As the costs of education continues to rise, it is more important than ever for clients to consider planning for these costs early. FreshPlan education modules estimate the future costs of education, illustrates saving tools and grants, and offers scenarios if RESPs are unused.

Education Planning modules include:

  • Saving for Education Now
  • RESP Tax Benefits
  • RESP Withdrawal
  • CESG Advantage
  • Education Infographics
  • and more
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Planning Features

Powerful planning modules are accompanied by additional easy-to-understand supports.

  • Personalized Title Page

  • At-a-Glance Summary Dashboard 

  • Disclaimer

  • Letter of Engagement

  • Summary of Recommendations

  • Assumptions for Each Module

  • Supporting Infographics

  • Accumulation/Distribution Tables

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